Bleeding from the mouth

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We keep receiving patients at care hospital Bathinda with complaints of Bleeding from the mouth. Most of these patients are unsure of the causes and often end up getting panicky. Our clinicians in the OPD examine such patients on their physical symptoms in detail. They also check into their medical history that includes any cancers, Ulcers, or exposures to radiation or chemotherapy. All of these could be related to mouth bleeding.

But generally speaking, most such cases are locally triggered mouth sores, dental ( gum) Bleeding, bleeding from airways/lungs, from food pipe or stomach. Daily hygienic habits, such as irregular brushing or flossing teeth, can cause Bleeding. In the case of Bleeding from airways, it is associated with cough and sputum, and blood is usually bright red in color.

Most cause of blood in sputum is T.B of lungs, where we advise further laboratory tests. Bleeding from the food pipe can occur because of liver diseases or ulcers in the food pipe caused by alcohol or hepatitis (Hepatitis B and C-“ Kala Pelia”).

Our clinical and lab investigations under the supervision of our lead gastroenterologist Dr. Gursewak Singh – DM ensures that we track down the exact cause of mouth bleeding symptoms and make correct diagnosis to work out the best treatment for such patients.

Bleeding from the stomach may well be caused by an ulcer, which can be prompted by persistent and over use of pain-relieving medications or infections ( like bacteria known as H. pylori). The careful physical examination can make a diagnosis of oral cavity, blood investigations, Chest X-ray, upper G.I. endoscopy. Endoscopy can diagnose various causes of bleed per mouth (Haematemesis).

At Care Hospital Bathinda, We cover most of these tests, and endoscopic procedures end to end to ensure that patients get treated for most causes of Bleeding per mouth