Weight Loss

It is usual for a human body to undergo minor weight fluctuations. However, if you’re losing weight without changing your lifestyle or by intentionally reducing your food intake, something else ( Abnormal) might be going on inside your body.

Much as excessive weight gain is indicative of abnormal health, So is sudden or Unintended weight loss. An unexplained drop in your average weight warrants medical consultation. Weight loss to the tune of 6 kg or more in say under six months is indicative of Not-all-is-well-with-your-body. It requires a comprehensive evaluation to pin down and treat the cause of such weight loss.

Reasons For Weight Loss

Probable causes of weight loss may well be Indigestion,Diabetes, overactive thyroid, Tuberculosis (TB), Live disorders, Depression, HIV, Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and even Cancer.


Diagnosis requires lab investigations like blood sugar, Thyroid function test (TFT), Liver function test (LFT), ultrasound abdomen, chest X-ray, and, in some cases, CT scan of the abdomen.


If you experience a 5 percent or more weight loss in 6 to 12 months, or if you notice a sudden dip in your body weight, visit us at the Care hospital in Bathinda. In most of such cases, it is the diagnostic acumen and clinical experience of doctors that can quickly zoom in on the cause.

Our lead consultant Dr. Gursewak Singh– DM in Gastroenterology, has a sharp diagnosis and adequateclinical competence to figure out the underlying potential causes promptly. Further, at Care Hospital Bathinda, we have all the necessary medical diagnostic range and imaging tools to determine the exact cause and work out appropriate treatment plans in cases of unexplained weight loss.