What it is: This is is a minimally invasive procedure in which surgeons remove suspected abnormal growths of body tissue from inside the colon medically known as polyps.
Application: Besides regular diagnostic and therapeutic procedure, a polypectomy is also used as an essential method to assess whether a tissue growth is cancerous, pre-cancerous, or non-cancerous.
Size Description: Polyps can be small (less than 5 mm) or can be significant (upto 2 cm). They can be seen both in children and adults.
Symptoms: The patient can have rectal bleeding from the presence of a polyp. Hence at Care Hospital Bathinda, most patients present to us with complaints of bleed per rectum. During sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy, a polyp can be spotted relatively accurately.

At Care hospital Bathinda, we remove small polyps using the biopsy forceps, and in case of large polyps, we use the snareto remove. This procedure is generally carried out under short anesthesia.

The Polypectomy procedure is usually Safe. However, in some cases, there may be chances of bleeding ( as low as one% ) after the procedure. And to avoid such bleeding, it is the skill that makes a difference, andwith the presence of experienced Gastroenterologist risks are minimal. Dr. Gursewak Singh, DM & Lead gastroenterologist of Bathinda region supervises all Polypectomy.