It happens when fat builds up upon your liver.Small amount of fat accumulation on liver is normal, but too much can create health problem. Liver is second largest organ in human body . It helps process nutrients from food and drinks , and filter harmful substances from your blood. To much of Fat in your liver can cause liver inflammation , which can damage your liver and create scarring . In severe cases , this scarring can lead to liver failure .

If not treated in time, your liver inflammation may progress to advanced scarring (cirrhosis) and even lead to liver failure. This damage is quite similar to the damage caused by heavy alcohol use.

It is mainly categorised into two types :
1. AFLD - alcoholic fatty liver disease .It develops in someone who drinks a lot of alcohol .
2. NAFLD - nonalcoholic fatty liver disease .If you have excess fat in your liver and no history of heavy alcohol use.Then it is diagnosed as NAFLD .


Most of the fatty liver patients are asymptomatic, meaning having no apparent symptoms. However, Some patients may experience a peculiar discomfort on the right side of the abdomen below the rib cage. Most of the people become restive upon being diagnosed with fatty Liver. Such a diagnosis is often a chance occurrence when a patient is advised Ultrasound for some other potential disease.

Fatty Liver may also be suspected, where a patient has some deviation like the rise of SGOT/SGPT, which is showing abnormal reports. Remember, the diagnosis of fatty Liver is confirmed by Ultrasound report only. Our in-house radiologist at Care hospital Bathinda will get the procedure done seamlessly in a matter of a few minutes. Suspected patients are advised to undergo an Ultrasound or Fibrocsan examination of the Liver if so required. All facilities are available at our Liver Clinic. Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver ( NAFL) is linked to Obesity (Overweight conditions), resistance to Insulin, High blood sugar (hyperglycemia), possibly indicative of pre-diabetes&High triglycerides in the blood.

Treatment at Care Hospital Bathinda:

we have full-time liver specialists and Nutritionists to help you manage and treat fatty liver conditions. So don't panic; we have got it covered for your both medically and also by guiding you to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. If treated in time, Fatty Liver is a reversible stage of liver disease. But if left undiagnosed Non-Alcoholic fatty Liver may lead to a more severe liver condition known as non-alcoholic steatohepatitis or NASH or even cirrhosis.


Keep an eye on excessive belly weight, do regular & daily fitness spells, and eat healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables in bulk and avoid Alcohol. A routine once in a year examination with our Clinician will ensure that your Liver is healthy and normal.