Therapeutic Endoscopy

Medical treatment using the interventional procedure carried out via the endoscope is known as Therapeutic Endoscopy. Such guided interventions are often used to treat disorders with your upper gastrointestinal tract - including mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, liver, Bile duct & pancreatic diseases. This endoscopic treatment procedure is also referred to as Therapeutic Gastroscopy or Upper GI Endoscopy.

Care hospital Bathinda has a well-established facility & infrastructure for Therapeutic Endoscopy. A good number of patients undergo such treatments on a routine basis at our center. Dr. Gursewak Singh - DM Gastroenterology and his team have developed niche expertise in the application of Therapeutic Endoscopy


Therapeutic endoscopy is used to treat various disorders as listed here

1. Oesophageal Bleed (Food pipe Bleeding )
2. Banding of Osophageal Veins
3. Dilation of Oesophageal strictures
4. Bleeding from Stomach Ulcers
5. Removal of foreign bodies like accidental swallowing of objects like Coins, screws, pins, etc
6. Polyps & Tumors.
7. Placement of the Feeding tube or nasogastric tube ( NG Tube)


The Therapeutic Endoscopy procedure generally is over in around 30 minutes with ceratin exceptions where it may prolong owing to peculiar case complexity. Our consultant lowers a flexible tube (endoscope) into the back of your throat and down into your stomach.

The endoscope is designed not to interfere with your breathing, but initially, you may experience some discomfort or vomiting sensation. Again it also depends on the skill of the doctor that determines the ease of operation and treatment precision alongside available the technology of the equipment. In cases of prolonged procedures, it can be done under sedative injections or when required, under short anesthesia Especially in Children and anxious patients

Therapeutic Endoscopy at care hospital Bathinda

Our procedures are seamless and agile to ensure a fast and desirable procedure. If you were given a sedative, generally in about an hour, you should be able to recover fully. Most patients make a quick recovery and return to a healthy lifestyle and routine eating activities following a therapeutic endoscopy

Patient Eligibility

Not all patients are, however, fit for Therapeutic Endoscopy. It is only your doctor who determines whether it is advisable for you or not. The doctor takes into account your case history, disease manifestations, and related clinical evaluations. Our policy remains to put the patient's best interest above all other factors.


The charges for such procedures vary from case to case; however, we at Care hospital aim to keep our charges lowest while also ensuring that there are no hidden costs in our treatment prices. All fees are conveyed well ahead of any such procedure transparently.

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