Fibro Scan (Liver Elastography)

This is a new, advance, and reliable method of early diagnosis of your liver-related diseases. Care Hospital, Bathinda, is among a handful of Gastro-Care hospitals to have this state-of-the-art diagnostic technology available for the benefit of the patients of Bathinda and Malwa region in Panjab.

Fibroscan is a specialized ultrasound machine that performs a non-invasive test on your liver. It uses ultrasound technology to measures fibrosis (scarring) and steatosis(fatty change) in your liver that helps assess the exact health of your liver. Our lead gastroenterologist Dr. Gursewak Sign - DM, uses this test to optimize your treatment plan at Care Hospital Bathinda. In several cases, the Fibroscan is used as a viable substitute for liver biopsy.

The test reports of Fibroscan is evaluated in conjunction with a patient's other clinical data, medical investigations /tests, liver imaging in devising robust & comprehensive treatments for liver patients.

The risks or side effects

The FibroScan has minimal dangers as it is 100% non-invasive, painless & instant. The complete scan test takes just about 15 minutes to complete. Most of the patients with chronic liver disorders can be assessed with this test,except for those patients who carry the following diseases.

Fluid in the abdomen like ascites, hepatic encephalopathy or variceal bleeding
Acute hepatitis
Small rib spaces
Right heart failure
Difficulty to lie flat
Severe obesity
The Test: Elastography / Fibroscan

At care hospital, our staff will make this test very easy and comfortable for you. Fibroscan test is painless. Our nursing staff will assist you during the examination while you are prepared to lie flat. Before this ultrasound scan, a Patient is advised against taking any liquids or solids for a minimum of 3 hours before the actual test. This enhances the report clarity and gives reliable test results.

Test Cost:

Elastography / Fbroscan At Care Hospital Bathinda, we ensure our all Radiology procedures, including Fibroscan,are best priced to suit all patients.

The procedure & after

Our expert at care hospital will place the FibroScan probe between the ribs on the right side of the lower chest wall. He will then apply a series of painless pulses to the liver. The results are recorded in real-time on the scanner, and an overall liver stiffness score is generated. This score is then interpreted by our chief Consultant Dr. Gursewak Singh to predict the likelihood of advanced fibrosis or Cirrhosis.

After Fibroscan, a patient is advised to have one attendant along. Once your liver elastography procedure is done, you are immediately discharged and may well resume your normal life activities. Your FibroScan report is made available in 15 minutes.