The liver is a vital organ as it helps the human body absorb nutrients from food intakes and turn them into energy. In the process, your liver also flushes certain toxins and damaged blood cells out of the body. If this toxin filtering cycle gets disrupted, it may cause the food wastes Bilirubin levels to build up and result in Jaundice ,Soon your body skin appears unusually colored, and eye whites, in particular, turn yellow. Jaundice patients may experience colored urination as well in such patients; the associated symptoms may include fever, pain, abdominal spasm, and bouts of recurring vomiting.

If you notice any such symptoms, do come to Care Hospital Bathinda. We have a full-fledged Liver Clinic to treat all variants of Jaundice patients. Your Diagnosis may require specific blood investigations and an ultrasound examination of your abdomen. All required investigation facilities are available under one roof at our modern liver Clinic Jaundice is often caused by infection of various viruses like Hepatitis A, B, C , D, and E. Hepatitis B & C cause ‘Kala Pelia.’ Formation of stones and cancers of Bile ducts can also manifest as jaundices.

Treatment of various types of Jaundice may be simple (resolves on its own),Medical (short term or long term drugs), Endoscopic (stone extraction or stent placement in the bile duct), or Interventional (Surgical) Care Hospital covers end to end treatment requirements for Jaundice patients