Locally known as "Burki da Lagna" is experienced with difficulty in swallowing. It is the feeling of sticking or obstruction of the passage of food through mouth, pharynx, or food pipe. Such a disorder in the food pipe takes more time and effort than usual to move down food or liquid from mouth to stomach. Dysphagia may also be painful, and in some extreme cases, swallowing becomes altogether impossible.


Swallowing is a complex process, and several medical conditions can interfere with this process. At times the probable cause of dysphagia can't be identified. However, more often, dysphagia could be because of the following mentioned reasons in your food pipe - Achalasia, Diffuse spasm, Esophageal stricture, Esophageal tumors, Foreign bodies, GERD, Scleroderma, and administering Radiation therapy.

Discomfort & Sensation of food getting stuck in your throat
Having pain while swallowing (odynophagia)
Being unable to swallow
Frequent heartburn
Experiencing food or stomach acid back up into your throat
Bringing food back up (regurgitation)

A gastroenterologist at Care hospital, Bathinda, will make a comprehensive clinical examination of patients with such complaints. Diagnosis is further corroborated by endoscopy in which a flexible tube that has a camera and light attached to it is passed through the mouth, and examination is done under local or short anesthesia.


Treatment depends upon the cause of narrowing, e.g., In case of narrowing caused by acid reflux, dilatation by balloon (By endoscopy) is the treatment. In the case of cancer of food pipe, it may require chemotherapy, radiation, or even surgical removal of the food pipe. Endoscopic stent placement can be useful in some instances of narrowing of the food pipe. Most of these procedures are provided at Care hospital Bathinda under the clinical advice if our senior gastroenterologist, Dr. Gursewak Singh – DM, Gastro from PGI Chandigarh

If a patient feels an obstruction interfering with breathing, call us at the Care Hospital, Bathinda emergency helpline number immediately.