Endoscopic Ultrasound

Thanks to the best Endoscopic technology available worldwide, Care hospital Bathinda has taken a giant leap and is at near parity with the best GI centers of the region. We have procured the best-in-class Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) that is many notches superior in terms of precision, mobility and reliable disease detection than routine endoscopy. Such advanced equipment is central in the correct diagnosis, line of treatment to be adopted and disease prognosis of a patient.

EUS is a minimally invasive procedure to reliably assess digestive (gastrointestinal) and lung disease using a high precision endoscope, coupled with an ultrasound probe. It can faithfully detect a variety of cysts & Cancers. We are the first and only GI super specialty clinic to have such an in-house facility for patients of the malwa region in Punjab.

Dr. Gursewak is exclusively trained to handle & interpret EUS diagnostics. Dr. Gursewak – DM Gastroenterology – (PGI Chandigarh) personally does all EUS cases at Care Hospital. His clinical expertise and surgical skills qualify him among the best gastroenterologist of Punjab & adjacent north Indian States. His vision of creating a GI center of excellence drives him to procure the best infrastructure and a skilled team of doctors in GI Care.

The prices of EUS procedures at care Hospital Bathinda are the lowest compared to metro cities and top private hospitals of North India