A rather prevalent complaint these days among middle-aged and older adults is Constipation. So often, such rectal disorders make the quality of life abysmally miserable. Imbalanced diet, lifestyle changes, and shortage of fluids in the body could lead to Constipation. But more significantly, it is the medical reasons that you need to be cautious about & get examined for!

Causes of Constipation

If you experience recurrent Constipation, you need a consultation with a specialist gastroenterologist here at Care Hospital. You may well be having disorders like IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome), alteration in the motility of intestine, or blockage/obstruction in the gut. Besides these, Thyroid is also a possible reason that could trigger Constipation.

Rectal Bleeding

Constipation can also be associated with Bleeding in your stools (Rectal Bleeding). One needs both clinical and interventional procedures to pin down possible causes of bleeding through anus.


Your Gastroenterologist may perform Sigmoidoscopy/Colonoscopy in which a flexible tube that has a camera and light source is introduced through the anus, and examination is done in a few minutes without any pain.

Treatment of Constipation:

Depends upon the cause of Constipation, treatment can be medical or surgical. Modern interventional procedures done by skilled doctors can ease your worries and help you revert to a healthy life with appropriate treatment. Care hospital treats such cases in its OPD regularly.