The Colon ( large intestine ) helps the human body to absorb water from the food that we eat. The last descending Colon as shown in the image is the sigmoid Colon. It is connected with anus by rectum.

Sigmoidoscope is a minimally invasive examination using a flexible tube with a mounted camera to look at the Colon inserted through the anus.

Gastrointestinal conditions where you may require Sigmoidoscopy?
Prolonged constipation
Sudden onset of constipation
Blood in stool
Pain Abdomen
Sigmoidoscopy probes also help a surgeon to check for :
Pre-procedure awareness /instruction at Care Hospital Bathinda

Pre-test procedure: The test requires a clean and clear colon free of stool & residue matter. As such, a person undergoing Sigmoidoscopy is given Enema to stimulate stool evacuation to get better visual detail of the sigmoid Colon . The procedure is done routinely to a variety of patients at Care hospital Bathinda under the supervision of a consultant gastroenterologist. No fasting is required for this procedure.