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Bleed per rectum

A 80 years old male presented with severe bleed per rectum in emergency department of Care Hospital.

Foreign body removal by Endoscopy

5 year old male child presented in the emergency department with complaint of battery cell injection by child.

Diagnosis and staging of GI tumors.

A 37 year old female patient presented with a report of CT Scan which revealed small lesion in the head of pancreas to further confirm the daignosis .

CBD stone removal by non-surgical procedure (ERCP)

A 50 year old , female patient presented to the emergency department with severe pain on the right side of abdomen which was radiating to the back along with vomiting.


3 years old child presented with the history bleed per rectum from 1 month

Hemo Powder

A cardiac patient of age 58 years underwent angioplasty at a local heart institute in Bathinda.