Variceal Bleed Ligation

What it is: Varices are the abnormal swollen blood vessels in the esophagus or the stomach.
These are usually formed in patients with chronic liver diseases. Patients with a long history of alcohol in take and the presence of Hepatitis B or C are, particularly at high risk.
In such patients, these vessels may occasionally rupture and cause bleeding,which can be life-threatening.
In Variceal bleed Patients, the apparent manifestation is bleeding per mouth or dark-colored stool.
Endoscopic Variceal ligation (EVL) is a more improved method of an effective endoscopic treatment for esophageal varices with fewer complications Endoscopic. Variceal bleed ligation is a life saving procedure in which a band is ligated over these swollen blood vessels, and bleeding is stopped among the patients
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